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The Chekhov Collective SPRING 2018 WORKSHOPS:

OPEN HOUSE: A playful introduction to key principles of Chekhov Technique, Saturday 24 February 2018, 10am to 5pm ,Where: Studio 3, Goldsmiths | New Cross | SE14 6NW London, Cost: £20/£15.50 Concessions (Students/Unwaged). BOOKING: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/chekhov-collective-open-house-a-playful-introduction-tickets-42942769981Our Open House workshops, offered once per season, provide a playful introduction to some key principles of Chekhov technique. Newcomers to the technique are welcome, as are those who wish to refresh their memories. If you are planning to attend any of our other Spring 2018 workshops, we strongly recommend coming to this Open House.  The workshop will be led by Cass Fleming, Roanna Mitchell and other members of the Chekhov Collective. Please come prepared for practical work (loose clothing, bare feet) and bring water. There will be a lunch break, please bring your own.

 Solo Comedy and Writing: Learning to collaborate with yourself, Tuesday 6 March, 6-8.30pm, Where: RHB 154, Goldsmiths | New Cross | SE14 6NW London, Cost: £10/£8 Concessions. BOOKING: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/solo-comedy-and-writing-learning-to-collaborate-with-yourself-tickets-42945035758. This workshop focuses on strategies for developing a character/persona to write through, giving you someone to collaborate with even in solo creation.   The workshop is led by solo comedy artist Sian Clarke, whose practice is influenced by, and adapted from, various aspects of Chekhov technique. It will be valuable to solo performers and those interested in comedy and writing. Previous knowledge of Chekhov technique is not required. We do highly recommend that interested participants also attend the Chekhov Collective’s Open House on 24th February, though this is not a prerequisite for attending this workshop.

Chekhov, the Grotesque and the Fantastical, Tuesday 20 March, 6-9pm, Where: Studio 3, Goldsmiths | New Cross | SE14 6NW London, Cost: £10/8 Concessions. BOOKING: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/chekhov-the-grotesque-and-the-fantastical-tickets-42948006644. Explore the realms of the grotesque, caricature and the fantastical, with Gruff Theatre and the Chekhov Collective.  This workshop is suitable for performers interested in extreme character transformation and physicalizing fantastical worlds out of the most mundance spaces and circumstances.  Gruff are well-known for their sharp satirical eye and for developing larger-than-life characters out of the relationship to site. They will share their process and lead participants playfully and safely to expand beyond their everyday self.

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR WORKSHOPS:  Accessibility: The studios at Goldsmiths for the sessions below are wheelchair accessible. Please email us with any access requirements at thechekhovcollectiveuk@gmail.com.  Cost: We are keen to make our workshops as accessible as possible, and there are concessions available. If you would like to make a special application for a free ticket, please contact us via email at thechekhovcollectiveuk@gmail.com.


Michael Chekhov Studio London

Regular classes in the UK:
Graham Dixon
THE STUDIO @ TOOTING, A New Home for the MCSL – Opening October 2017, Intensive Courses – Weekend Workshops – Evening & Private Classes, GRAHAM will be opening his own studio space in Tooting, South London giving the MCSL a new home!  Offering classes and workshops on a more regular basis,the new space will allow us to develop a potent and creative studio atmosphere.     Please visit the MCSL website for further information. http://www.michaelchekhovstudio.org.uk. Or  mailto:info@michaelchekhovstudio.org.uk


Additional UK classes:  Emerson College, UK

Sinéad teaches workshops at the Actor’s Centre, London and Gretchen at Actor’s Centre and various independent studio spaces. Cass Fleming is developing the New Pathways project, an ongoing studio exploring contemporary applications of Chekhov’s principles. Please get in touch via the contacts page to be put on the mailing list.

Please also get in touch if you are a group and would like to arrange a workshop.

Classes in Europe:

Classes in USA:
MICHA, Michael Chekhov Association  www.michaelchekhov.org 


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